Client Updates

March 20, 2017

  • Caleb will be getting a quadstick soon
  • Barret updated Shawn's software and is using the system a lot
  • Chloe's system is working fine, her charger was replaced with a new one and Erik will be visiting her soon
  • Austin's mother is starting a support group for moms who have children with DMD 
  • Jermaine was excited about being on a billboard
  • Jasper's system is fixed and uses it a lot
  • Jill is in the hospital but will be getting out soon. The staff was trained on how to use her system
  • Amelia passed away on 3/17/2017. May she rest in peace!


February 28, 2017

  • Ronnie Lewis is using his eye tracker
  • Laurie is using her new system to contact her friends again
  • Erik will go to Carl on 3/3/2017 and install Dragon
  • Amelia got her IP Phone set up last week 
  • Austin is now using a PS4
  • Barret will install Dragon on Andrea's system next week


January 2, 2017

  • Lolitta is doing okay and Tom is sending her a new BlueHub 
  • Barret and Tom visited Collin and Shawn on 01/10/17
  • Jermaine sent a Christmas card to Tom
  • The team is working on setting up the system for Carl
  • Maraam is going to visit Fran to train her on the advanced overlay
  • One of our new clients is McKinsey and Tom is going to visit her to see what Be-X can do for her
  • The other new client is Stephanie and tom is going to contact her husband Randy and see what can be done to help her
  • Andre needs some assistance so Tom is going to talk to Kim Wolfe to see how we can set up the IP Phone for him
  • Stay tuned for more updates next month


December 19, 2016

  • Caleb is doing great with his wheelchair; still using it to control the remote and his phone
  • Maraam is helping Ronnie with his accommodations at Pulaski Technology College for the Spring 2017 semester
  • Channing is loading videos and using the hotspots
  • Fran had recently sent her laser keyboard to get fixed and Maraam took it back today and trained her 
  • Laurie is using her system better than she has before and is contacting friends
  • Austin is using the quadstick for two hours at a time
  • We recently lost two of our friends and clients. We will miss you George F. and Craig. May you rest in peace!
  • We have been introduced to two new clients which we will update you on in our next client update


November 11, 2016

  • Maraam Zonfuly is the new client advocate and is very excited to work with Be Extraordinary. She has done a great job getting to know who our clients are and is learning what they need 
  • Austin has now been able to use his quadstick system for two hours at a time!
  • Fran is now using the Safe Laser Keyboard to write letters to her grandchildren. 
  • Caleb is doing great with his wheelchair
  • Tom just recently went and visited Ronnie and found a virus on his computer, but our new Engineering intern is working on it and it should be fixed soon
  • Channing is using video hotspots and Jerry is going to check and see if she is using the hotspots in the middle of the video. 
  • For Collin we are waiting for the Pawmel to come in and Jerry finished the joy stick
  • We got a new monitor for Jermaine to use
  • George just recently went in for surgery so all prayers go to him and his family. He is almost done finishing his degree and we are very excited for him.


July 29, 2016

  • Caleb's wheelchair is now all set up where he can control his cell phone using his wheelchair joystick.
  • Collin has been fitted for a practice wheelchair! We have a few items to buy and/or make to get the chair ready for him, but it shouldn't be long and he is super excited.
  • Tim has a new laser keyboard and foot-switch for controlling the computer.
  • Brian is struggling to communicate using his eye tracker. We're helping to teach his caregivers low-tech strategies for communication. ALS is a tough disease.
  • Chloe has new communication software. We're still struggling to find a good access method for her -- but we aren't giving up!
  • Fran is learning how to text her grandkids. She hasn't been able to use technology for 40 years. We are catching her up!
  • We lost a dear friend and client this summer. Rest in peace John. We miss you very much -- and the world has lost a gentle soul.
  • Alison is mobile! We're working hard to help her control her wheelchair -- and she is doing amazing things!
  • Amelia has had a hard time recovering from her surgery. We're still waiting on her to stabilize before we can help with computer and telephone access.


May 16, 2016

  • Fran loves using her new mouth stick and has started texting her family!
  • InvoTek sent Alison a new mechanical switch to use.
  • Eryn is finishing up John's camera project.
  • Caleb got a new wheelchair and Barret (InvoTek) will be meeting him soon to set up a way for him to control his phone using his wheelchair.
  • Bayree loves using her rolling stander!
  • Jean is trying to use auditory scanning to communicate with her family.
  • Eryn is going to see Ronnie tomorrow and see if he can use eye tracking technology.
  • Eryn is also going to see Charlie tomorrow to see if he can use a trackball mouse.
  • Tom (InvoTek) is planning a time to visit TW (one of our newest clients) to deliver his setup and train him on how to use is Safe-Laser System and mouse control software.


March 18, 2016

  • Barret (InvoTek) and Tom (InvoTek) visited Caleb recently and are revamping his game controllers so he can continue to enjoy gaming.
  • Tom (InvoTek) and Erik (InvoTek) visited Colin recently and helped to set him up with the newest version of Easy VSD. He is learning how to communicate through pictures with his parents.
  • Eryn (InvoTek) is creating a setup for our newest client Fran. Fran is going to use a Laser Keyboard to communicate with her family and friends and to control her TV.
  • Eryn (InvoTek) has completed the camera software for John and is testing the software.
  • R has a new laptop and trackball and is able to complete his schoolwork!


January 29, 2016

  • Erik (InvoTek) and Barret (InvoTek) are going to visit Tommy soon about his door opener and iPad Control.
  • Ethan (InvoTek) is working on using the barking dog switch he designed to control Alison's wheelchair.
  • Eryn (InvoTek) is working on John's camera project.
  • Barret (InvoTek) set up Amelia this week so that she can easily make calls and use her tablet.


December 15, 2015

  • Ethan is going to see Alison on Sunday to get more data and look at using the switch to control her wheelchair.
  • Tom (InvoTek) is going to see Andre, Ronnie, and Pam on Tuesday.
  • Lolitta is learning to use GWP.
  • Tom (InvoTek), Barret (InvoTek), and Erik (InvoTek) have been working hard on John's camera project.
  • Eryn (InvoTek) got Ann's TV up and running this week.


November 18, 2015

  • Barret (InvoTek) fixed Austin's mount last week.
  • Jean has been working with Tom (InvoTek) and looking at AAC possibilities.
  • Tom (InvoTek) visited with Ronnie about going to school.
  • Wes' wheelchair modification was delivered on Monday.
  • Tom (InvoTek) picked up the camera from John Baker and Barret (InvoTek) and Erik (InvoTek) will be taking a look at it next week.


November 6, 2015

  • Barret (InvoTek) worked with Austin and figured out a new mount for his tablet.
  • Eryn visited Andre last week and set up a new sip and puff switch for him to use.
  • Eryn and John (Be Extraordinary Board Member) visited Ann last week, they set her up with a Bluetooth headset, a way to control her TV, and an easier way to read her bible. They also met Ann's brother who visited for the first time in years!
  • Tom (InvoTek) is going to visit Ronnie next week.
  • Barret (InvoTek) is working on finishing Wes' wheelchair modification.
  • Caleb continues to write blogs and volunteer in his community!


October 14, 2015

  • Jean is happily reading again with the help of a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Caleb continues to volunteer and write blog posts for the Be Extraordinary website using his tablet.
  • Ronnie is loving taking classes online.
  • Alison is using The Barking Dog project prototype to collect data for Ethan (InvoTek).
  • The final few parts have arrived for Wes' wheelchair adaptation.
  • Don is trying a new app to help communicate with his family and friends.


October 2, 2015

  • Jean is going to use research software from InvoTek to help her communicate with her family and friends.
  • Caleb is happily controlling his TV using both his phone and tablet.
  • Ronnie signed up for four different classes on edX!
  • Eryn is working on a way for Ann to control her phone with a Bluetooth headset and a switch.
  • InvoTek should be mailing Lolitta the GWP setup this week.
  • Andre is having issues with his sip and puff switch again. We are ordering a new switch to fix the problem.


September 16, 2015

  • Barret and Eryn (InvoTek) have figured out a way for Caleb to control his TV using his tablet and will be taking the setup to him Monday.
  • Eryn sent Ronnie information on registering for online noncredit college courses.
  • Ethan (InvoTek) continues to work diligently on the "Barking Dog" project for Alison.
  • We are still anxiously awaiting the last part for Wes' wheelchair project.
  • InvoTek is testing a GWP Hub and tablet and will send them off to Lolitta soon.
  • Ann continues to work with John and improve her Safe Laser and computer skills. Eryn (InvoTek) is figuring out a way for her to use her TV and a phone.


August 28, 2015

  • We are still awaiting the final parts for Wes' wheelchair adaptation.
  • Alison's project is being tested.
  • We are looking into schooling options for Ronnie.
  • Eryn is working on helping Caleb use his tablet to control his TV.


August 14, 2015

  • Wes' wheelchair modification should be shipping this week!
  • George's sound is now back up and running on his computer.
  • Alison's project is coming along great! The board and the app are almost finished.
  • John (Be-X Board Member) is visiting Ann about once a week and helping her learn to use her tablet.
  • Caleb is loving his new tablet and is using it to read and write.
  • Jean recently enjoyed listening to books by the lake!


August 4, 2015

  • Jean has finished her 6th book and will be starting another soon.
  • Caleb is loving the new tablet Eryn (InvoTek) set him up with this week. He will be using it to read and write blog posts.
  • Erik (InvoTek) and Eryn (InvoTek) are working on fixing the sound problems with George's computer.
  • Ann is enjoying the ability to read her Bible on her own!


July 21, 2015

  • Jean is on her 6th book and is loving the ability to continue to read.
  • Caleb wrote his first blog entry for our website.
  • Ronnie has his GED scores and we are working on getting him into school.
  • We should be visiting and setting Ann up next week.
  • We have ordered some of the parts and are working on programming for Alison's new switch.


June 24, 2015

  • Austin and Donald are loving their tablets and the new forms of communication they have opened up.
  • Ann's setup is ready to go and we are just waiting on a time to set her up with her equipment.
  • Wes' wheelchair modification should be done soon.
  • Tom, Barret, and Ethan (InvoTek) delivered and retrained John on his camera controller setup and we are excited to see the pictures he will be taking!
  • Jean is loving the ability to stop and start her audiobooks on her own!


June 11, 2015

  • Eryn (InvoTek) has set Jean up with a switch to play and pause her audio books.
  • Austin is happily using his new tablet!
  • Caleb can now easily turn his phone on and off and is loving the ability to easily communicate with friends!
  • Tom and Eryn (InvoTek) are visiting Khiry next Thursday and delivering Ann's setup.
  • George had a small problem with his display, but it has been fixed and he is up and running again!


May 27, 2015

  • Ethan (InvoTek) is making headway on the technology for Alison. We are all excited to see what he comes up with!
  • Barret (InvoTek) is delivering a mount and tablet to Austin on Friday so he can text and access the internet.
  • Tom (InvoTek) and Eryn (InvoTek) are delivering a switch to turn Caleb's phone on and off tomorrow along with software to allow his PlayStation 4 controller to work as a mouse.
  • We are anxiously awaiting the finished wheelchair kit for Wes.
  • We are getting a group together to regularly visit Khiry in the hospital.


April 24, 2015

  • Ann is a new Be-X client. She has lived in a nursing home for the last 20 years. Ann has no use of her hands and we are looking forward to helping her write letters to her brother and read her bible.
  • Barret and Eryn visited Austin this week. They tested using his wheelchair joystick to control a tablet so he might be able to communicate via e-mail and access the internet.
  • Erik went to install an internet-based messaging system for one of our new clients with ALS. Unfortunately, while the facility he lives in says it has internet service, it didn’t to his room. Erik will try again this week and will bring a repeater to extend the internet signal.
  • Tom and Carolyn made a whirlwind tour of our clients in the Little Rock area on Tuesday. We spent several hours at the Benton Health Center, met with Errick about getting his GED, and met a new Be-X client in Lonoke. It was a long but productive day.
  • Fundraising has begun for Wes’ off-road wheelchair adaptation. Thank you to the generous folks at St. Michaels Church in Van Buren for helping Wes. This is a special church helping a special guy!


April 17, 2015

  • Errick is practicing hard for his GED and Carolyn is getting in touch with tutors to help.
  • Caleb is excited about new volunteer opportunities and is using his phone a lot.
  • Jean is loving the new tablet that Eryn set up for her so that she can listen to books.
  • Tom and Barret visited Austin last week and discussed ways for him to continue gaming.
  • Tom and Carolyn are planning to visit new clients in Little Rock next week.


April 10, 2015

  • Tom and Barret went to visit Austin this week. He is working on signing up for classes.
  • We are facilitating social networks connections between a few of our clients.
  • Charlie sends messages by Facebook almost everyday and seems to be doing very well.
  • Errick has been preparing for his GED.
  • Donald is using his new tablet based AAC system very well.
  • Eryn (InvoTek's college intern) delivered Jean's new tablet today and taught her how to use it. She is already enjoying listening to her new book.


April 4, 2015

  • After reading her first book, Jean sadly cannot focus anymore and we had to bring her equipment back to the office. Eryn (InvoTek) is setting her up with a tablet so she can have the books read to her instead.
  • Allison is happily settled in Springfield.
  • Wes recently did a presentation for a Transition/Job fair for Special Ed and Disabled students.
  • Charlie is blogging and sending out Facebook posts daily.
  • Tonya is using her computer frequently and communicates almost everyday. She enjoys sending out recipes, pictures and other interesting items.
  • Tom and Barret (InvoTek) delivered John's camera to him last Tuesday. He did very well using it for the first time but requires more time to become proficient at using it.
  • We recently added a new client Donald and set him up with a tablet and Bluetooth speaker so that he may have a voice. He is using LaserChat to communicate and has even started making his own custom words!


December 16, 2014

  • Our two clients with Duchene MD have finished their first semesters and both did a great job!
  • Erik (InvoTek) is working with Billy on new communication software. This is still a tough go.
  • Wes' video is up on our site. Check it out!
  • Ronnie is ready to start college classes. We're just working through the paperwork, which is not as easy as it should be.
  • We're getting Errick ready for his GED test by getting a tutor for him.
  • Alison is blogging and she's a great read:
  • Our newest client is Jean. She lost the ability to be able to read due to complications from a Parkinsons-like disease. We've got her back up and reading! Our next goal is to help her communicate more effectively.


July 23, 2014

  • We have two clients with Duchene MD that we're helping to get ready for college this fall -- thanks to our grant from The Degen Foundation!
  • We fixed Charlie's desk. He seems to be doing very well.
  • We'll be visiting Wes this week to do a new video showing how Be-X has impacted his life.
  • We visited Ronnie last week. He has taken his ACT test -- which was a feat! Now we wait for the results and then on to college!
  • We visited Errick as well. He is a new client that we're setting up to take the GED, but this isn't easy. We're working on it...
  • Erik (InvoTek) is working with AJ on some new technology so that he can access his computer more easily. Erik is close to getting him setup!
  • Our youngest client is doing well as he prepares for kindergarten. Barret (InvoTek) will be visiting his physical therapist this week to see what else is needed.


November 27, 2013

  • Wes continues to attract clients with his tutoring business. He needs some assistance with his website. We're trying to get help for him.
  • Tommy's door openers and controllers are working well.
  • Ronnie is writing emails to us regularly. Not just a few words, but several sentences. Ronnie wants to go to school and he is proving his desire to achieve this goal. We're working through the logistics of getting this done. It is more complicated than most people can imagine.
  • We figured out the problem with Larry's Kindle and we have two solutions. Larry is deciding which he prefers.
  • We have a new client who is very young and his disability is preventing him from "potty training." We have created a unique brace for his forearms and it is working well. He is practicing with it now!
  • Barb has been getting help from a local high school student on using a computer. We receive regular emails from her. She is making great progress.


October 24, 2013

  • Wes got a call last week and has his first paying tutoring client!!! John Riggins ( Be-X Board member) has been volunteering with Wes and providing marketing and business mentoring. We are so proud of Wes. This has been a long road and a lessor man would have given up. Wes has been looking for a way to work for three years.
  • Tommy's door openers and controllers are installed. We'll report soon on how they are working for Tommy.
  • We delivered a computer with scanning software to Ronnie and he is doing extremely well with it! Thanks to the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission for helping with funding and InvoTek for donating the laptop.
  • We figured out the problem with Larry's Kindle and we have two solutions. Larry is deciding which he prefers.
  • We have a new client who is very young and his disability is preventing him from "potty training." We had a unique brace created to help him and he tried it yesterday. It needs some modifications, but we think we are on the right path.


September 4, 2013

  • Carolyn is still working closely with Khiry's family.
  • Tom (Be-X President) has been talking with Suzie Wiley at the Kansas City Rehab Institute of Kansas City. Suzie is working with Alison. Alison is using some scanning software -- and using it well!
  • We almost have Ronnie ready. Thanks to the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission for helping with funding.
  • Larry was up and running with his Kindle, but we are having internet access problems. We're getting his Kindle back to see if we can tell why.
  • We have a new client who is very young and his disability is preventing him from "potty training." We're working on some unique assistive technology to help him be successful. This is a first for the engineers that work with us too!


August 23, 2013

  • Carolyn is working closely with Khiry's family to help with some medical issues.
  • Tommy has a new way to control his door openers. We have the system built and tested. Next step is installation.
  • Tom (Be-X President) has been talking with Suzie Wiley at the Kansas City Rehab Institute of Kansas City. Suzie is working with Alison. Alison is using some scanning software -- and using it well!
  • Wes is very close to having his business up and running!
  • Barbara is still working with a high school student to learn how to use her computer. Matthew (the student) has done a great job!
  • Larry is up and running with his Kindle, although there are occasional internet service issues. We're trying to address these problems.
  • We're trying to get a new client up and running. He is complicated. We think we are getting close to having a good solution for him.
  • We had a Be Extraordinary board meeting on 8/20. We have a good group of dedicated people leading the way.


June 19, 2013

  • Charlie sent some pictures of graduation. What an accomplishment for him and the Be-X team!
  • Carolyn is working closely with Khiry's family to help with some medical issues. We hope to hear back from the rehab hospital soon.
  • Barret (InvoTek) is going to train a high school student to help Barbara (Be-X client) develop her computer access skills.
  • A couple of visits to our long distance clients were cancelled by the clients. Figuring out how to provide good services long distance is still a challenge.


May 30, 2013

  • Tom will visit Alison and Chris next week to see how Alison is doing with her foot controlled mouse.
  • Wes reports that he LOVES his office setup. He is working on getting his website up.
  • Carolyn is working with Khiry's family to help with some medical issues. Khiry graduated from High School this month!
  • Ryan (InvoTek) installed an onscreen keyboard with word prediction software for a local person who needs a little help typing.
  • We have a high school student who will help with training Barbara on how to use a computer. This will be his summer project.
  • Tom and Ryan will provide an AT evaluation for a new client at the Arkansas Health Center next week.


May 13, 2013

  • Alison has tried out the new "mouse-shoe". She can control it well, but we have some vision issues to address for it to be practical for her.
  •  Wes' office is setup! Wes is starting a tutoring business with the support of Arkansas Rehab Services.
  • Khiry is getting ready to graduate from high school. He was hoping to go to rehab after graduating, but there are some challenges to overcome. We're working with his family, the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission, and others to see if we can help him get into the rehab hospital of his choice.
  • We're still trying to find someone to help Barbara with computer training.
  • Larry Bell is using the Kindle we provided with a mouth stick. His nursing home helped to get him Internet service. He is happy to have access to the outside world.
  • We have new communication software for Billy (thanks to Erik at InvoTek). Billy's abilities have shifted. What a challenging body he has.
  • Alison might be able to use this software too.
  • The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission asked for an evaluation of a new client located at the Arkansas Health Center. Tom Jakobs (Be-X board president) went to meet this client. Lots of challenges. This is a tough case.