Be Extraordinary ™ was started when Tom Jakobs was frustrated by the barriers people experienced when trying to accomplish a goal that was important to them. Each organization that was supposed to help had rules that limited what they could do. So Tom asked "What if we focus on a client's goal and do whatever needs to be done to make it a reality?" Obviously it takes money and a strong team to do something like this, so Tom partnered with the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission (ASCC). Caring people donated and Be-X was born.

The results of this experiment were very encouraging. For two years Be-X clients received funding through a combination of private donations and payment for services by other organizations. Over 4 out of 5 of the clients were either actively working towards their goal or had achieved their goal. Given that the program works with some risky clients (perhaps because of medical, cognitive, or family conditions), the team was pleased with this success rate. In the winter of 2011, Be Extraordinary ™ was established as a non-profit corporation. In November of 2013, the IRS confirmed our 501(c)3 tax status.