Our Mission is Simple

Helping people with disabilities achieve life goals

People First Mission

Be Extraordinary's mission is to promote the quality of life of people with severe disabilities through the effective use of technology to achieve life goals.

We Are Caring People

Serving over 90 clients with an 84% success rate

Technical Expertise

Be Extraordinary ™ collaborates with outside technical experts. Historically our skills fall into three areas:

  1. Helping people with disabilities control computers (including tablets, smartphones, etc.) when they can’t use their hand.
  2. Improving communication for people who find it challenging or impossible to use their natural speech.
  3. Installing automatic door openers and other simple environmental control systems.

Our subcontracted technical teams will integrate commercially available products or create custom solutions as needed. However, we can’t do everything.  For example, we don’t build ramps, make modifications to vans, or provide wheelchairs. Contact us and let’s talk.

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