Veterans Support Be Extraordinary

March 01, 2011

Veterans Support Be Extraordinary

ALMA, AR – March 2, 2011. Two local veterans groups have raised $935 to help Charlie Thompson, who has quadriplegia. What makes this story special is that these veterans have never met Charlie. Charlie lives in North Little Rock and is a Navy veteran. When veterans at Fort Smith’s VFW and DAV posts learned about Charlie’s goal to go to Agape Bible College, they responded by “passing the hat” and raising $755, plus another $180 during a tamale sale. This is enough money to complete the fundraising required to pay for the specialized computer equipment and technical support Charlie needs to do his homework and participate in school. The letter below is from veteran Leroy Farmer, who visited both posts to help raise money.

Thanks to the vets that continue to give. You are Extraordinary! We’ll keep you updated on Charlie’s progress. Thanks for helping Be Extraordinary.


March 1, 2011

Dear Tom,

Last night I attended the monthly general meeting of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 1 in Fort Smith Arkansas. During the “Good of the Order” portion of the meeting, I appealed to the membership to make a donation to help Charlie Thompson.

I started by telling the membership about Charlie’s amazing story, and I reminded them that we as veterans never leave a brother or sister behind. They immediately passed a motion to “pass the hat.” You see, like many other non-profit organizations, times are hard and they were simply unable to give any of the organization’s funds.

I felt like the prospect of walking out of the meeting with any substantial funds was grim. However, this is where God intervened, and the generosity of the veterans was overwhelming. They donated, from their own wallets, $555.00 in cash! I was so shocked and awe-struck by their charity, I could only utter the words, “THANK YOU!”

The D.A.V. has only asked in return that on occasion, Charlie give them an update on his progress. It has been an honor to facilitate the fundraising for Charlie’s cause and if I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to call on me.

Sincerely Yours,

Leroy Farmer


cc: Disabled American Veterans

Chapter 1

6000 Zero Street

Fort Smith AR 72903-6511