Little Rock Marathon Racers Sharing the Love of Handcycling

February 26, 2015

Little Rock Marathon Racers Sharing the Love of Handcycling

 Little Rock Marathon Racers Sharing the Love of Hand-cycling

By Matt Mershon, Reporter

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -Two men are both paralyzed from the waist down, but both men will be racing in the 13th annual Little Rock Marathon. The two talked to a group of spinal cord patients and doctors on Friday, spreading their love of hand-cycling. 

For Jen Goodwin, today was the first time she had been back in a hand-bicycle since her physical rehabilitation nearly five years ago. 

“Apparently every bike is different because this felt completely different, but it's fun to be back at it again,” said Goodwin after taking a ride around the Baptist Health Rehabilitation Gym. 

It's a lot different for Scott Porter who finds himself cycling every day. 

“I typically do anywhere from 26-40 miles each day,” said Porter. 

It's easy to understand why Porter, an Orlando-native, came in first place last year at the Little Rock Marathon in the hand-cycling division. 

“You're gliding six inches off the ground at 50 miles per hour,” commented Porter. “It's a real rush.” 

That rush Porter describes and that renewed feeling of strength is why Porter wants to share his love for the hand-bike. 

“Our bodies were made to move even if we don't move them the way they were originally made,” said Porter. “I believe in letting people know that you can move your body.” 

Just like Porter, Goodwin has made quite the recovery since her freak-accident on Lake Hamilton nearly seven years ago. She said she transports herself to and from law school and enjoys horseback riding. But she said there's always different activities to do – things she's not always aware of. 

“I always just like to see what else is out there and just know what the other options are,” said Goodwin. 

Goodwin said she particularly enjoys going to learn new activities with other handicapped people, allowing her to learn from others and teach those with newly acquired injuries. 

As for fun hand-cycling, Goodwin said she thoroughly enjoyed it, but as for competitive hand-yet.

Watch the video here.