October 04, 2012


Wesley completed his BS and MS in Agriculture from Southern Arkansas University after experiencing a spinal cord injury in high school. His newest mountain to conquer is employment. To be competitive, he needs some help. Wesley presently uses a mouth stick to type on an old computer. His injury makes it impossible for him to use his hands. We have already made it possible for Wes to exit and enter the house without assistance using an automatic door opener. He can also turn on and off the lights on his own, so he no longer has to wake his mom. This makes a big difference -- and thanks to everyone that donated to help make this a reality.

Given the challenges of finding a job when you can't move your hands, Wes decided to start a business tutoring high school and college students. Tom Jakobs and John Riggins helped Wes to write his business plan and Wes applied to Arkansas Vocational Rehabilitation Services for a grant to help start his business. We found out in February, 2013 that Wes received the grant! John continues to work with Sherry Howard at the Arkansas Women's Business Center in El Dorado as Wes gets his business started. InvoTek put together the technology needed for a great office (pictures below). We also helped Wes create a simple but professional web site with a content management system so that he can update the site himself. Progress! ;-)

In November, 2013 Wes called Tom and John and told us that his first student hired him! Since that first call, Wes has started working with several other students. In 2014 we created a video of Wes and friends talking about his business. It is fun to watch a person grow. You can see his videos by clicking on the video above and video below.

See Wes' other video on the power of community here. Wes also has written some great blogs published on our site. Enjoy!