January 16, 2013


Robert and his mom Trish make an amazing team. Robert had a horrible four-wheeler accident that left him nearly decapitated. In the video below Trish talks about her and Robert's heartbreaking, yet hopeful, journey. I find it difficult to put Robert's story into words. It is one of great loss, yet Robert and Trish are happy and hopeful. Robert works incredibly hard on rehab, yet he loves to joke around and give people a "hard time." Robert is very smart yet he shows patience when explaining. It is impossible to imagine the suffering he and his family have been through. When we visit I can feel all that they have lost, yet they are fun, hopeful, and full of life. It is difficult to reconcile. They are an extraordinary family.

Robert loves to walk his Labrador Retriever Annie, work in the garden, and improve/modify anything he can get his hands on. He has recovered more physical abilities than anyone thought possible, including breathing on his own and standing. InvoTek teamed with the Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission to give Robert the freedom to come and go as he pleases using an automatic door opener. He also has a Safe-laser System for controlling his TV, a couple of lights in his room, and the ceiling fan. Funny how something that we all take for granted can make such a big difference


In the summer of 2012 Robert moved into his own house with some friends. InvoTek's technical staff volunteered to move Robert's door opener and other equipment to his new location. By all accounts Robert is extremely happy with his new-found independence and he continues to work hard to regain as much physical ability as possible.

Thanks to everyone who supports Be Extraordinary™ and makes it possible for us to work with people like Robert!