November 04, 2013


Larry was enjoying the afternoon with his family on the fourth of July (2010). He was goofing around doing back-flips and proud that he still could do them! On the way home that evening Larry was doing back-flips again -- but this time in a car. He broke his neck.

The past few years have been tough with many disappointments, but you would never know it from Larry's attitude. He has the kindest smile and tone in his voice. He is excited about the future even though there are more uncertainties than any person should have. And as we teach him about using technology to help him be more independent it is clear that he is smart.

Larry wanted to read independently. We purchased a Kindle, a mouth-stick, and a mounting system to hold the Kindle. We were able to install this in May 2013. Larry is reading and accessing the web using the Kindle with his mouth stick!

Larry recently (2/2017) moved closer to the Be X office and asked that I (Tom) visit him. He is still using his equipment, but he has been through a very difficult time physically. We're looking forward to continuing to work with him and getting him up-to-date. Once a client, always a client! :-)