December 07, 2016


Charlie is a husband and father. His son is a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and his daughter is a 10th grade student. A Navy veteran, former football player and personal trainer, Charlie had an auto accident in 2008 that resulted in quadriplegia.

Charlie wanted to attend a local Bible college to become a pastor. He is a spirit-filled man and feels strongly that this is his calling. He also has a strong sense of gratitude for his wife Evelyn. Please watch the video below to learn more.

Be Extraordinary™ worked with several organizations to help Charlie achieve his goal. The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission was instrumental, as were the engineers at InvoTek. We also worked with Warren Robinette from Presidential Conversions. Warren has a contract with the VA to provide Charlie with needed environmental controls. He does great work! Together we have Charlie up and running on several fronts. InvoTek provided the computer access equipment that Charlie needs and he has started school. Evelyn goes with Charlie to class -- and he is digging into his homework and getting As! Shawn Adair (InvoTek's Creative Director) and Tom Jakobs (President, InvoTek) went to talk with Charlie about school and homework. Then we followed him to school. Watch the video "Charlie Goes to School" (above) and get a sense of how Charlie's life has changed.

Charlie finished school successfully and graduated in December 2012. He participated in the graduation ceremonies in May 2013. He is now a pastor!

Special thanks to the VFW and Disabled American Veterans Posts in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Leroy Farmer led their fundraising efforts for Charlie, which totaled over $1,000! These folks don't know Charlie. They haven't even met Charlie, but they were still willing to help. Thanks to all at the post.