May 04, 2010


Khiry was 15 years old when he was injured (2010). He is not able to breathe on his own, but that doesn't stop him from wanting to finish high school and we can't think of a better Be Extraordinary life goal! We met this exceptional young man in the middle of December, 2010. Through the generosity of donors while he was in the hospital, he received an AccuPoint system and a new laptop. While this is a great start, Khiry has a long road ahead. Khiry's grandmother is taking care of him and he has lots of other family support as well. Read about Khiry in our blog.

Khiry and his family were very generous and let us video our first visit with them while Khiry was still in Children's hospital. You can watch him use AccuPoint for the very first time by clicking on the video below. Watching him control a computer with his head for the first time to write "ready for anything" was a special experience.

One of the big hurdles for Khiry and his family was housing, as illustrated in our second Khiry video on the bottom, shot in June. Well Khiry's community, including his coach Buck James and Buck's wife, worked tirelessly to help the family obtain decent housing -- and they succeeded! The folks in Camden had a fundraiser in April (4/2/11) to help meet Khiry's needs. Corkie and a couple of Khiry's nurses were there. Looks like they had fun!

We (Barret, Corkie, and Tom) visited Khiry and his family (10/25/11) in their new house to set him up for doing homework -- he's starting back to school! The new house is awesome. Coach James' wife decorated Khiry's room for him. The football team moved Khiry's family into the new house and did it in less than 2 hours! These people really care and it shows.

Khiry's goal was to finish high school and he achieved that in May of 2013. Be-X supported Khiry's high school through finding accessible books, fixing the van, and ensuring that Khiry had the tools needed to complete homework assignments. 

Sadly, Khiry recently passed away (7/2015). He will be greatly missed as he was a joy to all that knew him. We had an amazing time working with him and will always remember his fighting spirit.