August 05, 2015


Caleb has one of the sunniest dispositions of anyone we have ever met! He has Duchene MD and his goal is to write blogs, read, and communicate with friends and family. In order for Caleb to be successful he has to control a computer and a tablet, but his hands don't move enough to type on even a mini-keyboard, he can't use a mouse, and a trackball is very slow. Eryn from InvoTek found software that lets Caleb use the joystick of his PS-3 game controller to move the computer cursor. Barret designed a custom mount for the controller so that it can be placed perfectly -- which is necessary if Caleb is going to be efficient enough at typing and mouse control to succeed. We tried several other approaches as well, but none of them were easy enough for Caleb to control every day.

In July (7/2015) Caleb received a phone and a tablet. The phone mounts to his wheelchair and enables him to communicate with his family and friends. The Android tablet enables him to write his blogs by using Google Voice Recognition and to read. We are committed to helping Caleb for the next few years and his needs will likely change every few months.

(4/2017) We continue to work with Caleb. Our newest goal is to help with gaming. Caleb is an avid gamer and we think we have a new technology to "up his game." We'll deliver it soon!

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