December 07, 2016


Billy is 30 years old (2013). He has a cute five-year old daughter and a dedicated family. He needs them all.

Billy had a brain-stem stroke just before Christmas of 2010. The stroke left him with very little movement and he cannot speak. Billy is still a smart guy (he was a bank branch manager before his stroke). Over the past few months (1/2013) he has had some positive body changes. He no longer has as much ocular bobbing and his vertigo has improved.

After nine months of trying lots of things (see the upper video to get a sense of what Billy has been through!), InvoTek designed new software with Billy and he is typing on his own using the AccuPoint tracking system. It is very slow -- but it is a start! The bottom video was shot the first day Billy used this software. Billy was very involved in defining how this software should work for him.

Thanks to everyone who has been so generous. Together, we're doing something important.

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