March 20, 2017


Amelia is fun to be around and is technically challenging. She was born with a brittle bone disease and is only three feet tall.  Amelia's main goal is to get "plugged in", in the sense that she wants to easily communicate with friends and family through texting, calling, and Facebook. While Amelia has some movement, figuring out reliable access is a challenge.

Amelia's other goal was to make it safely to and from her specialists. Barret (InvoTek) designed an in-car bed to help do this. The bed reduces the vibration of Amelia within the car and keeps her in a comfortable position. Amelia made it back and forth from the hospital (3 hours each way) without breaking any bones -- a big improvement over having broken seven bones on a previous trip. Since that hospital visit Amelia's family has used the carrier to get her to family outings.

Amelia passed away 3/17/2017. We will miss her wonderful straightforwardness and curiosity. I (Tom) was talking to Amelia's sister and she told me a story I'd like to share. The InvoTek guys created a special phone that Amelia could use. One of Amelia's first calls was to her dad at work. Amelia's mom and sister were listening over the baby monitor. The conversation went something like this... "Hi Dad. Hey, when you come home, stop by the store and get a couple of scratch-off lottery tickets, ok?"

That tells you a lot about Amelia. Honest, straightforward, and fun to be around.