Why Isn't Life Easier?

By Thomas Jakobs May 08, 2014

Why Isn't Life Easier?

By: Thomas Jakobs

A lot has happened this week. Two friends had brain surgery. One didn’t have good news. Be-X’s four year old client received some cool typing gloves (top photos) and a dressing stand so that he can get his shirt off (middle photos) and on (bottom photos) without help. Other Be-X clients are waiting for funding, others are waiting for college entrance exam testing dates. InvoTek is waiting on grant funding and trying to finish a cool new product for single finger typists. Be-X is also chasing grant funding.  I’m writing more and more grant proposals.

It is all so hard.

Maybe I am getting old. Ok, I am getting old -- but still, why is it so hard? Why are there so many hurdles that have to be overcome? Why isn’t this easier?

I think we have become too self-centered as a society. Those that “have”, like me, really don’t see why we should be responsible for the “have not.” I’m not talking about giving a few bucks to a charity so that we feel good about ourselves; I’m talking about taking some responsibility and really investing in someone outside of our family. And what about those of us who “game the system?” We figure that we aren’t hurting anyone when we take what we can get – even though we know it isn’t quite right. Heck, everyone does it, right? It has become the American way. Whether you are a “have” or a “gamer”, the strategy is the same – look out for number one.

I know very few people who really consider the “have not.” I know many of these folks. Some fall into the category of “sometimes bad things happen to good people.” Some really NEED healthcare and go to extreme lengths to plan their lives around making sure that they have access to it. I know people who have made stupid decisions – really stupid – and have paid a terrible price, but now need a hand up.  

What if we, the haves and the gamers, focused on these folks? Not just give them money so that they don’t bother our consciences, but really try to help, to take some responsibility for making their lives better. What if we treated others the way we wish people would treat us?

We would become human beings. We would value people who are not productive, and in turn come to appreciate our own value.  We would recognize that making more money is not what is most important – even for Be-X.

I know… this isn’t practical. It will never work. It is too risky.

That is why life isn’t easier.