The Loss of a Friend

By Thomas Jakobs January 06, 2015

The Loss of a Friend

By: Thomas Jakobs

A few years ago I was talking with Martin about a piece of exercise equipment he and Janie had purchased. The equipment was pricey and not covered by insurance. I told Martin he was lucky to be able to get it. He replied, “Yes, I am blessed.”

In the 8 years that I worked with Martin, I never heard him complain. Not once. We talked about the many things that he had to forego after his injury. We talked about his friends and career at Whirlpool, and his outdoor hobbies.

But Martin didn’t just look backwards – He also glowed when he talked about his grandkids, he playfully teased Janie, patiently learned about computers, and volunteered to help others with disabilities. He did this even though every day was a challenge for him and Janie.

A few years ago, Martin wrote a brief article Friends and Attitudes. In it he remembered two high school friends that served in Vietnam. Neither of them came home. That was not fair. Life is not fair. Martin wrote that he was fortunate to have a wonderful wife and children, and beautiful grandchildren.

Martin passed away on January 3, 2015. He was a good friend, a Be Extraordinary Board Member, and was always willing to help me. I miss him. Rest in peace, my friend.