Joy and Sorrow

By Corkie December 04, 2011

Joy and Sorrow

By: Corkie

As we approach the holidays, I find myself with mixed feelings. I’m excited about my recent engagement to a wonderful man, and I’m looking forward to spending time over the holidays with our children and grandchildren. However, I am saddened that my time with Be-X is coming to a close. My upcoming marriage means that I will be relocating to NE Arkansas, necessitating my leaving Be-X at the end of January. Joy and sorrow mixed together!

My year at Be-X has brought new and amazing people into my life. Every one of my clients has been special…really special! There has been much laughter and a few tears (mostly of joy). I have made many new and special friends. I have been amazed by the challenges and obstacles that our clients have, and continue overcome. I have witnessed some of the biggest smiles that I have ever seen.

There is a saying on the wall in our office: “Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say.” This was brought home to me over the years while caring for my George, but working with Be Extraordinary clients has re-emphasized it time and again! I have learned that I take communication for granted, more than I realized.

I have met family members/caregivers that truly give “CARE” new meaning! I have met extraordinary people in the community who worked together to help meet the needs of a stranger.

I have enjoyed time spent with Tom, Barret, Shawn Adair and John Riggins during our many, many hours on the road to visit our Be Extraordinary clients over the past year.

Despite being sad about leaving Be-X, I am overjoyed by what I am taking with me. I have friendships, lessons and memories that will be with me forever.

If anyone is looking for a great part-time job, call Tom. It seems wrong to call it a job, because it is so much more! I have truly been blessed!