Janice's Wings

By Corkie November 26, 2010

Janice's Wings

By: Corkie

Some of us are born caregivers; some come to it out of happenstance. For some it is a learned skill. No matter how it comes about, it is a task not to be taken lightly. This is a story about just one!

Her name is Janice. She must keep her wings well hidden, for she is surely an angel! Initially she was hired to work part-time. Once it became evident how good she was with my husband, George, we requested more hours. By the third year, she was caring for him full-time.

Janice did all the usual things a caregiver does, but she always went the extra mile. She not only cared for George, but about him. She was his friend. She was my friend too!

There were times I would hear them laughing while watching one of “their shows.” Once she came to my room to ask me what channel the football game was on. I told I didn't know, that George and I didn't watch football. She said, “Well, George and I, do!” She figured out what channel it was on, and they proceeded to enjoy many a game together.

With firsthand knowledge of the stress that I was under, Janice offered to stay with George around the clock, allowing me to have a much needed break. I knew that he couldn't be in better hands, so I went to visit my family, up North. It was during this “break,” that George passed away, with our beloved Janice by his side. I was a 1,000 miles away! She took care of everything, as only a loving, caring, member of the family can.

Yes, I considered her a family member, and I still do! She is also, my good and dear friend. I hope that she will always remain so.

* * * * * *

Maybe you have a story to share from either perspective. I'm sure that there are many out there.

Note: You can watch George and Corkie's story by clicking on the video underneath.