By Corkie October 31, 2010


By: Corkie

When I married my husband George on March 3, 1995, I prayed that God would let me have him to love for 5 years. You may think that I didn't set my hopes very high. What you need to know is that George had been diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis 23 years earlier. The disease had progressed very quickly, robbing him of so much of what we take for granted. At the time of our marriage he was considered to be a full quadriplegic. His disease was considered to be "end stage".

So, my hope and prayer for 5 years was optimistic. One year later he was put on Hospice. As if the disease wasn't bad enough, George had a pill "go down the wrong pipe", as we say, causing him to develop aspiration pneumonia. As a nurse, I was able to administer his I.V. antibiotics. He was on 3 different ones, around the clock. I set the alarm for each dose. As you can imagine I got very little sleep. Most of that time is a blur. In addition to the I.V.'s there was aspirin every 3 hours to bring down his 103 degree temperature. He wouldn't or couldn't eat, but it was imperative that he get fluids. All he wanted were Popsicles, so I fed him those. He was not fully conscious, so this wasn't easy. By the grace of God, he survived.

Not only did he survive, but for a few years he flourished! When our 5 year anniversary came around I was very grateful! I had gotten what I had hoped for. So, now what? I did not ask God for 5 more years. I did hope and pray that George would have as few infections as possible and as little pain as possible.

George did have more infections, bed sores, hospitalizations and pain. There were many difficult times, but nothing was ever as bad as that first time. Had I gotten what I'd hoped for? In spades!! All of these things were manageable. I held on to hope and we were blessed in so many ways.

My beloved Georgie (as only I was allowed to call him) has MS no more! There is no more pain, no infections, no confinement to bed and wheelchair. He left this world on September 1, 2010. We had been married for 15 and a half years! Never give up hope!