Enjoying New Hobbies

By George F. September 26, 2010

Enjoying New Hobbies

By: George F.

I have many hobbies that I occupy myself with. Before I acquired my spinal cord injury, I liked fishing, hunting, coin collecting and stamp collecting. I can still do these, just have to do them very differently, but all with assistance and some only virtual reality wise.

However, since my injury, I have developed new hobbies that I can be involved with. I have found that I really like working with pictures, mostly family and friends, and both old and new. I am able to take these photos and restore them, enhance their color, put them in scrapbooks or even make homemade videos using different computer programs. I find this extremely satisfying, as I can perform these independently. You can be as ambitious as you want. A lifelong friend and I took on the task of making my parents a family history picture video with musical background expanding one hundred years for their sixth wedding anniversary. We collected over 1200 pictures for it. We took it from their grandparents through their great grandchildren. We had to narrow it down to a one hour video, this ended up with right at 260 pictures.

It came out very successful. We are currently putting the remaining pictures in a video by years from the 1910’s through 2010, and it is progressing slowly but again very nice. Most of the video programs that we use are free on the internet. The picture repair program has to be purchased and I also purchased a video program to transfer the videos to DVD’s