Controlling My TV

By Caleb September 22, 2015

Controlling My TV

By: Caleb

Wow! Something really cool happened today. Eryn and Barret from InvoTek came out and set me up to where I can use my phone or my tablet to control my TV.

I have always had to ask for someone to hand me my remote when I wanted to change between TV and video games, now I can do it all by myself! I love this feeling of independence and being able to do this on my own is going to make it a lot easier. This new feeling of independence is now going to allow me to control my television without having to ask for assistance which is a GREAT feeling! Eryn and Barret just don't know how happy they have made me! They are so awesome! A big Thanks to both of you!

After Eryn and Barret (InvoTek) visited Caleb, InvoTek president Tom Jakobs received this e-mail from Caleb's grandmother:

I am feeling totally unnecessary today. I am not hearing turn my TV on, get my remote, I dropped my remote, move my remote so I can push the buttons. Caleb is so excited about this new gadget !!! I am thinking you may be have to share that top spot with Eryn and Barret now!

Just wanted to say Thank you all for making Caleb feel he has control over something.