Christmas Reflections

By George F. January 01, 2012

Christmas Reflections

By: George F.

You know that Christmas is a great time for family and friends to get together. In Julie's and my case, we cannot have family or friends with children in. The Christmases that we’ve had the children and grandchildren in, I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. So, we have to have the family in only when the weather is warm. I am not sure how this affects the other quadriplegics, but some of my difficulties could be with my age.

But Christmas is also a time for reflection, and we have much to be thankful and look back on. We started the year off with decubitus (bed sore), from a sling tear that had an infection under it. The initial size of my wound was 4.6 mm wide, 6.7 mm long, and 4.0 mm deep. With the weather we were unable to make two doctor appointments. By the time we got to see the doctor, we were referred to a Wound care specialist. I am so glad that we went to the specialist, it was Dr. Kristen Battles at Sparks Wound Care Clinic. This doctor is not only a very good wound care expert, but is also well researched in the insurance benefits and coverage of each patient. Thus, you get the best quality care that you are able to receive with maximum benefit usage of your insurance. With her professionalism, my healing time was seven months. This is an exceptional time for a wound this size to heal, with no grafting to assist in the closing of the decubitus.

I am also, so thankful for the benefits and assistance that we received from the VA. We were given more aide assistance care hours to help with all the extra care required. You know that if you are eligible for VA benefits, you really have to fight to initially get them, but if you pursue them diligently, and not give up; there are many different things available that most veterans are unaware of.

I cannot forget to mention or recognize the care, attention, and devotion that my wife had to step up to in my personal care to be a major role player in this. Caregivers are extremely overlooked, taken for granted, and hardly ever thanked or appreciated. I am so thankful to God for giving her to me, I cannot put into words my gratitude, or love.

I am thankful for Be-X and the entire staff for all their dedication and hard work that allows many of us to access the computer. It gives me the ability to stay up to date on current events, news, and also gives me the ability to further my education.