Breakfast at D's

By Thomas Jakobs December 04, 2011

Breakfast at D's

By: Thomas Jakobs

I live in a small town of 4,000 people. I like it. Last weekend Diane and I went to a local diner attached to an old motel. It is the kind of place where guys in their 70’s and 80’s sit, play dominos, and harass each other for several hours each morning. The breakfast is good and as we waited for ours, I overheard a man at a table by himself complain to the waitress about the $6.50 cost of the breakfast buffet. He said that he couldn’t afford that – it was all the money he had for the whole day.

A man at another table, better off than the first but by no means wealthy, began a conversation with the first man. They obviously hadn’t met before. As they talked, the second man offered to buy breakfast. The offer was initially rejected, but they kept talking and eventually both of them enjoyed a hearty meal, talking together.

This isn’t so unusual where I live. People genuinely care about their neighbors. Oh sometimes you hear a horror story but it is the exception. Most of the time, people care.

The guys finished their breakfast and it was time to pay the bill. The generous guy went to the register only to find that someone else, also a stranger, had already paid for both of their breakfasts.

This time of year is special to lots of people. It is special to me. And on any given day, if you pay attention, you’ll see people who struggle to make it through the day and people who are willing to treat a stranger-in-need like he is important, because he is important.

That is what I hope Be-X is about. And as you can see, in my little town, we are not unusual at all.