Being a MDA Ambassador

By Caleb August 20, 2015

Being a MDA Ambassador

By: Caleb

I was thinking back today when I was 9 years old and was nominated to represent the Muscular Dystrophy Association(MDA) as the 2005 MDA State Goodwill Ambassador.

The MDA is an organization dedicated to finding treatments and cures for muscular dystrophy and other neuromuscular diseases. As the Goodwill Ambassador I was able to go to different events and represent the MDA and to tell people about how MD affected me. Around that time I was in 3rd grade and the entire 3rd grade helped me raise money to donate to the MDA at the MDA Labor Day telethon that year. By donating that money I was able to help the MDA send kids to MDA summer camp, fund research and do many other great things. It felt good to help others and being able to make those things possible for them. I was very honored and proud to be able to do that.