A Different Place to Work

By Eryn Johnston April 26, 2015

A Different Place to Work

By: Eryn Johnston

I’ve come to realize from working here a little under a year, that jobs at InvoTek are unlike many others in the world. Seeing many of our Be-X clients can be depressing to most people. Yet, as I help the clients I can see the light within their eyes as they realize they are important to me and that yes, they can achieve their goals. Achieving them may be harder than before their disability, but like with Jean where reading was one of her favorite things to do, the ability to read again through any means was a miracle.

For our clients with degenerative disease though, achieving a goal is not a onetime event. As their abilities change, we must  come up with new approaches so that they can continue to achieve their goals. It was an absolutely crushing moment when after only a few months of being able to read, I got the call that Jean couldn’t focus anymore on the TV that we used to display text. Going out to visit and seeing this for myself was even harder to deal with, but I knew there were other possibilities that would allow her to continue to enjoy her favorite pastime.

Of course all of our clients have severe disabilities, but yet when we show up, many are sitting there with the biggest smile on their faces or a happy glint in their eye. People such as Wes who seem to encourage the whole world that you can do anything you wish, if you are willing to overcome the problems that arise.

Like every job there is the good, the bad, and the depressing. But you know you are doing something right when the good far outweighs everything else.