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Latest Be-X Activities

Alison has a new wheelchair! Barret from InvoTek has designed a fancy new adjustable foot switch so that she has excellent control. Chris and Alison are trying it out now. Hopefully we'll all hear about it on Alison's blog, hopeforalison.org. Below is a picture of her foot over the switch!

atest Be-X Activities

Latest Be-X Activities

Client Updates

  • Caleb's wheelchair is now all set up where he can control his cell phone using his wheelchair joystick.
  • Collin has been fitted for a practice wheelchair! We have a few items to buy and/or make to get the chair ready for him, but it shouldn't be long and he is super excited.
  • Tim has a new laser keyboard and foot-switch for controlling the computer.
  • Brian is struggling to communicate using his eye tracker. We're helping to teach his caregivers low-tech strategies for communication. ALS is a tough disease.
  • Chloe has new communication software. We're still struggling to find a good access method for her -- but we aren't giving up!
  • Fran is learning how to text her grandkids. She hasn't been able to use technology for 40 years. We are catching her up!
  • We lost a dear friend and client this summer. Rest in peace John. We miss you very much -- and the world has lost a gentle soul.
  • Alison is mobile! We're working hard to help her control her wheelchair -- and she is doing amazing things!
  • Amelia has had a hard time recovering from her surgery. We're still waiting on her to stabilize before we can help with computer and telephone access.

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Be-X Community Highlights

Be Extraordinary recently received a generous grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation to help several people with spinal cord injury to achieve their life goal. If you have a goal and think that Be X might be able to help you achieve it, please contact us. We'd love to help!


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